Mobile Number – +491711XXXXXXX
City – Diepholz Germany
Feedback/Suggestions – Having known Travelexplorers India since they started years back in Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh, we have travelled so many times with them, we cannot even remember. Travelexplorers India not only organized our leisure and holiday trips but looked after international and domestic flights, accommodation, catering, visa (resident and work / business) issue for our international construction crew and the management (local, as well as overseas HO board of directors) in an absolute professional and at all times flawless manner.
Even transport to our remote construction sites in Kashmir, Sikkim, Uttrakhand and Himachal Pradesh was not a challenge too big for them.
Mr. Kunal Sabharwal and his brother Aman are trustworthy, reliable and extremely helpful. They consider going the extra mile as being just a walk in the park.
Over more than 10 years we have been in the best hands when it came to logistics and admin. Mr. Kunal S. is well connected and a true asset as a business partner.