How To Reach


By Road – Self Drive to Tirthan Valley

The best way to reach Tirthan Valley, especially from Delhi, is to come via road. Take the Mandi-Aut-Manali route.
Before the Aut tunnel take the right turn. Hit the road to hydro project and after crossing the hydro project you will reach Larjee.
From Larjee turn left towards Banjar (the other route will take you to Sainj valley).
Before Banjar turn left for Tirthan Valley. Google Map

Reaching Tirthan Valley by Bus/Train

To enjoy the views on your way and not waste precious time focusing in self-drive, you can choose to come by Volve
from Chandigarh or Delhi. There are several private bus operators plying on this route. From Banjar,
take a bus or cab (Rs 100-200 max) to Tirthan Valley. You can also take a train up to Kiratpur and then book a
cab to reach Tirthan Valley.

Reaching Tirthan Valley by Air

Those who prefer air travel can come till Bhuntar which is 2 hours drive from Tirthan valley.
There are daily flights from Delhi to Bhuntar by major airlines of the nation.